Reiki Healing

$80.00 per session 

Reiki is a non-invasive healing modality guided by the Universal life force that flows through all living things. Reiki heals by emitting Universal energy through the Reiki healer to the client. During the Reiki treatment, the client and the healer come to a Namasthe state of mind, the brainwave patterns of the healer and the client synchronize on an alpha state, and the energy becomes a constant flow of energy through the biomagnetism field, increasing frequencies up to 1000 MHz thus ridding the body of illness, energetic defects, mental setbacks, and karma.


Source Coding

$80.00 per session


Prior to the existence of our human body, our consciousness was pre-programmed by the Creator and our spirit. The programming is similar to computer algorithms. It is responsible for the variations in DNA in all things and allows for each individual to be unique and sacred in their own way. This programming was perfect and without fault prior to entering the earth. However, when we come into this world we are met with formulas, frequencies, tones, colors, and shapes that are foreign to our coding and do not compute with our data. This interruption allows for viruses and glitches within our systems, causing illness, spiritual disruption, and mental imbalances. Source coding opens the channels between Creator and your spirit self, which allows your energy worker to see the formulas you were initially made with and reset your programming back to the original format.


Code Activation

$80.00 per session


People are very much like computers. Prior to being, we are scripted with codes, data, and formulas to fulfill our life missions. The codes are eternal and remain a part of our energy configuration for eternity. Anything we once were, are now or could be in the future is all accessible through the internal coding of the DNA. These codes can be deleted, downloaded, changed and upgrades with the correct frequency, light spectrum and shape-shifting. Activating these codes enables you to gain knowledge, see with the 3rd eye, activate healing, activate your superhuman powers and more.


Crystal Therapy

$85.00 per session

This is unlike any crystal healing you have ever had before. There is no set grid, color spectrum or placements of the crystals. It does not follow any timeline or energy source. It is strictly guided by the energy of the crystals and the ancestors within. Your healer will drench and surround with over 300 crystals, which will land in the exact placement meant for healing. The crystals connect to your first energetic spark of light and follow that light all the way to the present time. During the journey, the crystals stop to heal past lives, clear karma, help you connect with those who have passed, they revitalize your energy and give messages from the Creator, your ancestors, and Mother Nature. Each timeline, guide, energy, message, and memories create new energy, so the crystals are always changing to adapt to the variation of energy exchange needing to occur.


Kundalini Awakening

$125.00 per session

Each person is born with both the masculine/dark and the feminine/light energy serpents from the metaphysical world. These serpents serve as our protectors and are ready to strike anyone or anything that may pose a threat to our primal energy. One made of light and one of darkness, they coil around the base of the spine and they follow up to the spine. Their purpose is to maintain a balance between positive and negative energy. The light eats the extra darkness, and the dark eats the extra light. When they are balanced, the energy can flow through the body in order to maintain a healthy mind, body, and soul. When too much darkness or light enters the body, it causes an imbalance to the complete structure that can hold back, tire out, and gunk up the path of the serpent, stopping it from flowing consistently with its partner. When the energy is unbalanced, the serpents don’t intertwine as they once did, which causes them to fight amongst themselves. The light will overpower the darkness and other times the darkness will overpower the light, causing much chaos to the body alignment, thought patterns, mental structure, spiritual wellbeing and so much more. It causes hoarding emotions and feelings of being stuck in life. When going through Kundalini awakening you face your internal darkness, going through the emotions of pain, suffering, anger, guilt, shame, sadness, and fears and finding the light in each of those emotions allow for your energy to fall back into balance. When in balance the energy of the mind, body, and spirit are fully activated and circling the energy field, as the dynamism of the strength and the light flow through you at full blast and acting as a reset to your energy.

This type of healing requires full participation and surrendering of energy.


Cosmic Connections

$65.00 per session

The cosmos has many things to teach us about light, consciousness, energy, space, time, technology, and more. Imprinted in each of us is a map of our star charts that are the core of our beings. The maps show pathways to our personalities, actions, reactions, health risks and our ways of thinking. While the stars and planets orbit around the earth, it reacts with the inner cellular orbiting system of your body. Over time variation of energy can cause the misalignment of star constellations, causing us to receive glitches messages from the collective consciousness. Proper mathematical placement of the light can redirect the energy to the correct lines of communication. This connection to things outside of this earth will leave you with the questions and the motivation to explore the truth and answers outside of your normal thinking.


Yin-Yang Healing

$120.00 per session

The masculine/ feminine, yin/yang, air/water, fire/earth, high/low frequencies all come together in this intermingling as husband and wife, Andrew and Melissa team together to bring a wide variety of energies and modalities. With the power of two healers, we can amplify the energy to create a loving and supportive space for your energy to grow. For those of you who have had trauma with your mother and father, this is a great way to reach that inner child and introduce the masculine and feminine guidance your soul needs to grow into the best version of yourself.  

Third Eye Opening

$70.00 per session

When you open your Third Eye, you allow your spiritual self to harmonize with your human self. Your energy activates its “Clair senses,” through your intuition.


  • Clairvoyance: Otherwise known as “clear vision,” Clairvoyance is the ability to “see” things with the Third eye. People who have clairvoyance are known as “clairvoyant.”

  • Clairaudience: Otherwise known as “clear audio” or “clear hearing.” It is the ability to gather psychic information via your inner or outer hearing.

  • Clairsentient: Otherwise known as “clear sensation,” or “clear feelings.” Clairsentient is the ability to “feel” things around you, which you cannot see or hear.

  • Channeling: Channeling is the ability to allow your body to become a vessel for energy, beings, and spirits.

  • Clairscent: Otherwise known as “Clear Smelling.” Clairscent is the ability to smell things without your physical nose.

  • Clairempathy: Otherwise known as “Clear emotion.” Clairempathy is the ability to clearly read and feel other people’s emotions, without that person telling you how or what they are feeling emotionally.

  • Clairgustance: Otherwise known as “clear taste.” It is the ability to taste things through your psychic senses.


Emotional Release

$125.00 per session


Feeling pent-up emotions and energy within you must release, but you don’t know how? If you are needing some emotional release in a safe, controlled, nurturing way, this is great therapy for you. Most people say, “crying is a sign of weakness.” We say, “Crying is for the ones strong enough to face the darkness.” There are many lessons to be learned in the darkness. You will be forced to face your own inner demons, fears, rage, shame, guilt, times you have been wronged, abuse, and all the things you want to forget. Crying and screaming during this session is encouraged!!!! You need to release to move on to the next step in life. The energy will help pull the emotion from the root to the surface, permitting you to face the energy and let go of the things that no longer serve you. As you let go, energy healing will help you cut those energy cords that hold you down. Shed some light on your reality to give you a new perspective to look at the way you act and think about situations that are hard to reflect on. Emotions are sacred, tears are God's healing waters.

Cancer Support

6 free sessions per client

Euphoric Source takes on 4 cancer clients at a time. Each client will receive 6 treatments free of cost. Each session will be tailored to the client and the energy of the day. Treatments will be discussed in person to ensure optimal results. 

This is not considered medical treatment. These treatments do not replace your medical team.