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Source Coding

$80.00 per session


 Programs similar to computer algorithms are responsible for the variations in DNA in all things and allow for each individual to be unique and sacred in their own way. However, when we come into this world we are met with formulas, frequencies, tones, colors, and shapes that are foreign to our coding, sometimes affecting our program. This interruption allows for viruses and glitches within our systems, causing illness, spiritual disruption, and mental imbalances. Source coding opens the channels between Creator and your spirit self, which allows your energy worker to see the formulas you were initially made with and reset your programming back to the original format.


Reiki Healing

$80.00 per session 

Reiki is a non-invasive healing modality guided by the Universal life force that flows through all living things. Reiki works by emitting Universal energy through the Reiki healer to the client. Using this energy allows for the client's mind, body, spirit to heal, rebalance and rejuvenate.

Emotional Release

$125.00 per session


Feeling pent-up emotions and energy within you must release, but you don’t know how? If you are needing some emotional release in a safe, controlled, nurturing way, this is great therapy for you.  You will be forced to face your own inner demons, fears, rage, shame, guilt, times you have been wronged, abuse, and all the things you want to forget. Crying and screaming during this session are encouraged!!!! You need to release yourself to move on to the next step in life.  Shed some light on your reality to give you a new perspective to look at the way you act and think about situations that are hard to reflect on. Emotions are sacred, tears are God's healing waters.

Cancer Support

6 free sessions per client

Euphoric Source takes on 4 cancer clients at a time. Each client will receive 6 treatments free of cost. Each session will be tailored to the client and the energy of the day. Treatments will be discussed in person to ensure optimal results. 

This is not considered medical treatment. These treatments do not replace your medical team. 

Energy Healing
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