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Here at Euphoric Source, we welcome all! Whether you are looking for questions, guidance, services, or products we are here to help you and find what is right for you. 

All About Us

      We work hard to make the energy right from the moment you walk in. Every week we take the time to rearrange, cleanse, and put nothing but good intentions from our healing rooms to the products you take home. This is important to make sure that when you leave here you take some of that energy with you! It is also imperative to maintain this for our healings, readings, and spiritual consoling to make sure that no outside energy affects you or us. This way we can deliver the best possible healings. 

       Here at Euphoric Source, we make sure that we have your metaphysical needs, from crystals to artifacts, to herbs, and other things you may need we make sure to have it. Even if we may not have it we will find it for you and get it in-store just for you. We believe in making sure all get what they need and will not turn anyone down. 


        No matter what you come in for we are here to help! Even if you want to know what a crystal is, need walk-in healing, or get a product that you need, someone will be here to walk you through everything and teach you!

Store Hours: Tuesday - Friday

                       11am - 5:30 pm

Store Address: 220 South Ashland St S, Cambridge, MN 55008







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