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Many times in life we are left feeling disconnected from Source/God/Universe. During these times there is much trauma to the soul, which can eventually cause the body or mind to become weakened. We are left with feelings of confusion, sadness, despair, but most of all loneliness. During these times it is important that we seek guidance from others who can openly listen and help seek solutions to mend our heart. 

Our job is not to judge, it is to love and help restore faith within yourself and your version of God. If you don’t know what your version is yet, that is OK too, we can help you find your best version of God and what that means to you. 

We offer:

Walk-in ministry sessions

Free prayers and blessings


A safe place to rest

Coffee/Tea/ Water


Education on Religion or Science

Free Hugs

Phone Charging Station

Resources to outreach programs


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