Crystal Readings

$40.00 per session

Crystals, the first and most ancient life forms to live on Earth. Full of knowledge, history, DNA, and coding. Crystals are the foundation of our world and the bridge to other realms and timelines. Like humans, each crystal carries its own energies and teachings for the people that come into contact with them. From the beginning of time crystals have played a huge role in religion, science, healing, technology, spiritual rituals, commitment ceremonies, and so much more. Like all living beings, they carry frequencies that allow us to resonate and communicate with them through the Universal Consciousness. When you pick up a crystal, you are not only resonating with that crystal, but you are also linking up with that crystal through quantum entanglement, thus allowing you to activate the DNA of yourself and of the DNA of the ancestors of the land from which the crystal came from.

Crystal communicator Melissa can tune into the frequencies of the crystals and hear what they have to say, just as you would tune into the radio. When you pick your crystal, codes, ancestors, colors, and frequencies appear, allowing your reader to give you a Universal message.

No questions may be asked prior to the reading, and no details about your life should be talked about before the reading. In fact, the least we know about you, the more the crystal reveals. Each message is a raw message guided by the energy of the crystals and the spirits that are present during the reading. These are universal readings and talk about the bigger things in life past, present and future. It goes beyond the normal job, relationship and home life readings you get from most readers. We promise this to be the most intimate reading you have had.

Energy Reading

$20.00 per session

The human body is composed of energy such as frequencies, colors, sacred geometry, atoms, and quantum particles. That energy is based on our current state of emotions, the people we surround ourselves with, our physical state of being, mental clarity, chakra alignment and the energies within our atmosphere or Universal Torus. That energy is a readable data that can be seen through the trained eye both on a physical and a spiritual level. An energy reading is an inside look at your spiritual energy, Chakra levels, aura, internal coding, and what the spirit is presently seeking, needing and distributing throughout the Universe. This allows you to better understand where your focus should be and how to overcome obstacles in your daily living.


Psychic Parties

$100.00 / Hour

Want to try something new for your birthday, work event, PROM, gathering, or just fun? Why not try psychic readings! The accuracy of our readers will wow your guest as they find the answers to the questions they have been asking the Universe. People will talk about this experience for months or even years after. Fun times to be had by all. ​