Therapeutic Massage

$65  per hour

$95  for a 90-minute massage 

Trouble areas, because of injury, overuse, persisting conditions, sleeping in one position for too long, or just good old-fashioned stress will be the area of focus. You choose the pressure that works for you. Spend the entire session on a specific area (or a couple of areas) or include the entire body, as time allows.


Trigger Point Massage

$60 per hour

$90 for a 90-minute massage 


Trigger points are hypersensitive, hyper-stimulated areas of skeletal muscle or fascia. A knot within the tissue and will cause soreness and pain in the general area and perhaps even refer pain to other areas of the body. They are painful and best addressed by putting pointed pressure directly on the trigger point. Your massage session will focus on relieving and dissipating troublesome trigger points and can include work on the rest of the body, as time allows.

Vibroacoustic Therapy 

$45.00 per session 


Knowledge of sound therapy comes to us through sacred and mystical texts and healing traditions from diverse societies and cultures from all around the world. Today we continue honoring ancient wisdom by understanding in the ways sound can be used as a powerful tool for transformation. Vibroacoustic therapy elevates the frequency of your internal and external energetic field by utilizing the vibrations of sound to rebalance your Chakras.



Myofascial Release

$35.oo per session


Fascia is the stretchy connective fibers responsible for holding together the muscles, joints, organs, and skin from head to toe. If one part of the fascia is pulled, it affects the entire body and can cause a misalignment within the internal organs, skeletal system, and muscular system. When this happens, it can cause the fascia to tighten up, harden and cause intense pain, headaches, limited mobility, unbalanced gait, loss of circulation and curvatures in the spine.


Stimulating the fascia with vibrations, continuous circulation, movement, heat, and a body buffer, we can help loosen up the facias muscles, break up the calcium deposits and increase the circulation throughout the entire body.



Dry Cupping

$80.oo per session


Cupping is an ancient Chinese practice that involves placing  suction cups on the meridian lines of the body. This allows your Qi to flow and open up your central energy line. The flow of the Qi and the suction of the cups allow your blood to circulate and toxins to be released from the body. When the muscles receive full circulation it helps them relax, gains blood flow, reduces inflammation and gains flexibility.


Warning: You cannot do this therapy if you are on blood thinners.



Ultrasound Therapy

$15.00 per area


Not to be confused with diagnostic or medical ultrasound. Ultrasound therapy utilizes a piezoelectric effect which is caused by the vibrations of the metals and quartz within the head of the tech machine. A shifting of the positive and negative charge is then released causing the frequency to radiate up to 8 inches through the skin. The high frequency enables new cellular growth, the breakdown of scar tissues, cellulite reduction, diminishing varicose veins, and reduction of pain in the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. The heat of the ultrasound is distrusted through particles of heat that can penetrate deeper than a standard heating pad, thus allowing blood flow and relaxation to the injured area.