Unfortunately, demons are real and they play a very actives role in each of our lives. Things such as fear, hate, separation, depression, addiction, abuse and meddling in energies we don’t understand can leave us with a large amount of dark energy. If that energy is not properly taken care of it can fester inside the body causing a hole in our energy fields. Low vibrational energies, ghosts, demons, dark entities all linger waiting to feed off the weakness of the people.  They enter into the mind and take control of the body and the outer force fields surrounding the person. They send messages to your consciousness and find ways to control you by sending electronic signals to your brain, forcing you to act, talk, react and think in a negative way. They will make you think about hurting yourself or others, push you to jump to assumptions, turn your back on those you love, overindulge in unhealthy behaviors, cultivate addictions, turn your back on God and attack your loved ones. It may appear no matter what you do, these things won’t leave or let you live your life.


Sleep is a thing of the past, these entities won’t let you rest, if you do get to sleep, they may bring nightmares. In more intense cases you may notice things moving on their own, lights flickering when you are around, demon breaths or growls, extreme temperature changes, headaches, stomach aches, feeling fearful, paranoia, feelings of rage and/or anger, feeling alone, breathless, separation from the world, change in eye color, pale skin, weight loss, unexplained scratches, acute paralysis. You may smell sulfur. 


If you or anyone you know is experiencing these symptoms, you/they may need a demon extraction. Each session will be led by a minister of God, Shaman, Reiki Master, enforced with the Angelic energy, and energy strong enough to force the demon/entities out. The results are immediate.

Proper exorcisms must be done by trained professionals. The demons must be taken out of this world and placed back to their original holding cells. If you attempt to remove a demon without proper knowledge or procedure you are putting those around, you at risk for becoming possessed by the demon that left your soul. 

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