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Chase Butters


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Eden Prairie, MN

A Bit About Me

Hello, I am Chase Butters, and am the manager of Euphoric Source. I have come to Euphoric Source to help as many others as possible, and make this world a better place. For years I have jumped from many different job fields from a cook to a construction worker. I had eventually thought that sales were going to be my life. I enjoyed talking to people, learning about them, and helping people find a good solution for them. But what I found is that I was pressured in making the sale and was trained to push aside more than my feeling but my morals too. I no longer could do that, I am someone who helps not takes. So I started working a Euphoric Source and really found my passion here. It is not about the sale or what people buy, it is about helping others, getting to know them, and doing whatever it takes to make the world I and others live in a better place.  That is what I'm here for and that is what I will do!

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