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Emalie Becker

Certified Healer

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Princeton, MN

A Bit About Me

My journey of becoming a Healer started with this feeling of wanting to help others find a holistic approach to finding a solution to their "issues". I wanted to find and learn ways that healed rather than masked the "problems". One day a friend of mine had introduced me to massage therapy. I had signed up for courses not long after and got my certification in 2018. After becoming a massage therapist my clients were noticing more from the massages than I was. They would say things about visions, intense relaxation, clarity, astral projection, and memories they had forgotten. Some were even mentioning a feeling of extra hands on them during the sessions. In looking for answers as to what I was doing I stumbled upon Melissa. I discovered I was healing them and that my journey in this life was that of a Shaman. I found my faith in God, learned of Creator, and took off from there. Now with my newfound spiritual awakenings, I am set out to help others on their spiritual journey. Whether it is just simple healing or experiencing a life-changing moment, my purpose is to help others reach their own goals. 

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