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Vibroacoustic Therapy 

$45.00 per session 


Our body is an instrument made up of several frequencies and sounds that keep the spirit alive and thriving. When there is a disruption in the frequencies, we lose signal and disconnect from the universe, the Creator, and people around us. Vibroacoustic Therapy uses sound, tuning forks, and ceremonial instruments to harmonize, balance, and tune you into your sacred frequency so you may rejoice in the song of life.



Myofascial Release 

$35.oo per session


Fascia is the stretchy connective fibers responsible for holding together the muscles, joints, organs, and skin from head to toe. If one part of the fascia is out of place or weak, it affects the entire body and can cause a misalignment within the internal organs, skeletal system, and muscular system. When this happens, it can cause the muscles to tighten up, harden and cause intense pain, headaches, limited mobility, unbalanced gait, loss of circulation and curvatures in the spine.

Stimulating the fascia with vibrations, continuous circulation, movement, heat, and a body buffer, we can help loosen up the facias muscles, break up the calcium deposits and increase the circulation and mobility throughout the entire body.



Dry Cupping

$80.oo per session


Cupping is an ancient Chinese practice that involves placing suction cups on the meridian lines of the body. The placement allows your Qi to flow and open your central energy line. The flow of the Qi and the suction of the cups allow the blood to circulate and release toxins stored within the body. This is the preferred body therapy for many sports performers around the world because of its proven ability to relax the muscles, increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, gain flexibility, and help with mental focus.


Warning: You cannot do this therapy if you are on blood thinners.

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