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Mellisa Grave Jolly

Owner & Healer

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Oak Grove, MN

A Bit About Me

Melissa Jolly is a natural-born seer, associational thinker, and intuitive who began her healing career as a licensed practical nurse in 2006. In the following years, she practiced in several fields of nursing, including Behavioral Health, TCU, Alzheimer's, Mental Illness, Senior Care, Hospice, Chemical Dependency, and Phlebotomy. Since 2012, she has emerged into the arts of Qigong, Kundalini, Shamanism, DNA healings, genetic modification, and vibroacoustic healing, resulting in 24 healing modalities under her belt. This soulful journey guided Melissa to become an Energy Healer, Shaman, Spiritual Counselor, Minister, and Reiki Master/Teacher. In 2015 Melissa ended her career as a nurse to open Euphoric Source, which led to a series of milestones for herself and her healing center. Euphoric Source has received many awards, most notable being named best energy healer in Minneapolis, Cambridge, Isanti, and Anoka, from 2015 to 2020, followed by a declaration by Local Insider T.V. for being one of the most effective healers in the state of Minnesota. In 2016, she received an invitation to be one of the 30 Masterminds chosen across the United States to speak at the National Symposium for Holistic Arts Practitioners held at Harvard University. There she successfully pitched her idea of how spirituality, religion, and science energetically work together. Soon after, she began working with quantum physicists and metaphysical scientists to expand her education. Eventually, Melissa opened her science lab to further the research on the effects of her healings. Currently, she is in the process of filming two documentaries demonstrating her techniques - "Healing with Science" and "How to Speak to The Soul When the Voice is Silent." Publications include - "The Ancestors Within Volume 1&2", "Sacred Medicine: Mystical Practices for Ecstatic Living," "Find Your Voice Save your Soul," "The Ultimate Guide to Healing Volume.5," and "The Ancestors Within JOURNAL."

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